Mission, vision and sustainability


Elretur guarantees legitimate waste streams and the quality of data and registrations for the authorities. We ensure a new lease of life for end-of-life electrical and electronic products through reuse and/or material recycling.


Elretur wants to contribute to an increase and improvement in recycling and reuse. We do this by:

  • focusing on accountability
  • creating value for our members
  • contributing to sustainable end-of-life solutions for our members’ products
  • using efficient and proven solutions, as well as innovative technologies


Recycling and reuse is an integral part of our organisation and daily work. In collaboration with our members, we contribute to the UN’s Global Goals, in particular goals 11, 12 and 14. Challenges associated with electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries can only be solved through cooperation. That is why, through WEEE Europe, we work with a number of other schemes for recycling electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries. We have an ongoing dialogue with the authorities, and contribute with knowledge and data on processing, recycling and reuse of WEEE and batteries in practice. Read more about Elretur’s efforts to improve the recycling of electronics here.

Dit producentansvar

Your producer responsibility

Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work? You may be subject to the extended producer responsibility under the Danish Environmental Protection Act.

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Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work?