Why you should become a member

Membership of Elretur is a safe and easy way to ensure that your company lives up to your producer responsibility obligations. More than 950 companies have already chosen to become members of Elretur, and we are Denmark’s largest producer organisation related to the extended producer responsibility. Membership has a wide range of benefits for you:

  • We take responsibility for handling your electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries so that you comply with environmental legislation: You are thereby helping to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled and reused. With more than 950 members, we can optimise the management of electronic waste, ensure as many components as possible are recycled and reused, and establish the best agreements with our suppliers. We are a non-profit organisation, so all the benefits go directly to you and our other members.
  • You can achieve an even stronger environmental profile: As a member of Elretur, your company will receive a certificate that shows you are a member and thereby live up to your producer responsibility obligations and contribute to as much reuse and recycling as possible. You can use the certificate in all of your work. For example on tender material, your website or letterheads. Of course, you also have access to collection, recycling and reuse rates for your company.
  • Get help with all the paperwork : Elretur handles all the producer responsibility information that you are obliged to submit to the authorities. You also have access to our reporting system, so you can easily send the required information.
  • Get information and guidance on what the producer responsibility means for your specific company. At the same time, we make sure that you are always informed about changes to relevant rules. Elretur also acts as your voice to the authorities, so you can be heard even before they formulate new rules
  • Automatic registration in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s producer register (Dansk Producentansvar – Data Centre for Circular Economy)
  • Access to weee Europe : If you sell your products in other EU countries, weee Europe can help you ensure that you comply with producer responsibility obligations throughout the EU and Norway, Switzerland and UK. With weee Europe, you only need two contact points instead of up to 30 – one for your local producer responsibility organisation and one at weee Europe.
  • Your company will automatically become part of our statutory battery campaign: Companies with producer responsibility for batteries must have public information campaigns. Elretur handles this task on our members’ behalf. You can read more about the campaign here.

You can find more information about the extended producer responsibility and read an in-depth explanation of which companies and products are covered here. You are also always welcome to contact us if you are in doubt as to whether your company is covered.

Dit producentansvar

Your producer responsibility

Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work? You may be subject to the extended producer responsibility under the Danish Environmental Protection Act.

Bliv medlem

Become a member

Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work?