Don’t throw your batteries in the bin!

Batteries contain useful raw materials such as iron, manganese and heavy metals – and they can be recycled. Therefore, hand in your spent batteries for recycling. That way you will contribute to ensuring that important raw materials are not lost and that environment is not polluted.

What happens to your spent batteries

Your municipality takes care of collecting the spent batteries, after which Elretur collects them and ensures that they are recycled. Elretur sorts the batteries according to their chemical composition and then sends them for recycling to various specialist facilities elsewhere in Europe, such as northern Germany, Finland, France and Poland. There are no processing plants for batteries in Denmark. The reason is that it is neither environmentally nor economically feasible to transport the large amounts of batteries used in the rest of Europe to Denmark. Therefore, the plants are located in the centre of Europe.


6 tips

  • Do not dispose of spent batteries in your household waste – hand them in for recycling
  • Do not collect large quantities at home. You do not benefit from them – but the environment will, because important raw materials can be recycled.
  • Only change batteries when necessary. Otherwise it is a waste of both resources and money.
  • Store new and spent batteries separately – then you have an overview of the ones that work and the ones that need to be recycled.
  • Remove the batteries from equipment that you will not be using for a long time. That will ensure that they do not leak, which can damage the equipment.
  • Keep batteries away from flames – they may explode.

Therefore, it is a good idea to hand in spent batteries

  • Spent batteries are harmful to nature
  • You can help to ensure that useful raw materials such as iron, manganese and heavy metals are recycled
  • If they end up in your bin, they will be incinerated, and the good raw materials will be lost
  • Batteries that are handed in for recycling are sent to plants where the raw materials are extracted and recycled

About the campaign

Many Danes are environmentally responsible and good at recycling. When it comes to batteries, we can improve further. The purpose of the campaign is therefore to help Danes become even better at handing in their spent batteries for recycling. Then we can recycle the raw materials instead of using the earth’s scarce resources – and avoid unnecessary pollution.