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Dear member On this page, you can read more about reports, enviromental emblems, certificates and annual reports. You can also check if you have remembered to take advantage of all the benefits you are entitled to through your membership of Elretur.

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More than 900 companies like yours have chosen to join us. You can see which ones in the DPA-System’s producer register. Under search criteria, select “Elretur” as producer organisation.


Reports – deadlines and tips

Reporting your quantities placed on the market is done through our reporting system. You can log in to the system here. You can always find a direct link to the reporting system in the upper right-hand corner of the website. See the deadlines for reports and find good tips and tricks here.

Elretur - årsrapporter

Annual reports

In your annual report from Elretur, you can see your marketed volumes for the whole year, just as you can see the volumes that Elretur has collected, recycled and reused on your behalf. This data can be used in your CSR report, e.g. You can download the annual report in our reporting system. To see data up to and including 2018, you must log in here.

Environmental certificates

Every year, your company receives a enviromental emblem to show that you are a member of Elretur. For example, you can use the emblem in tenders, in email signatures, on your website and letterheads. The invormental emblem documents that, through Elretur, you take responsibility for the collection and processing of your electronic waste (WEEE) and/or batteries, and that you live up to the requirement for registration in the producer responsibility system. Contact us if you want us to resend your most recent invormental emblem.

Certifikat Elretur_emblem_2022
Fakturaer fra DPA og skat

Invoices from DPA and the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT)

In addition to the environmental contribution to Elretur, you must pay an annual fee to the public producer register, DPA-System. Previously, Elretur invoiced the fee for you. As you now receive the invoice directly from DPA-System, you can see an explanation of the invoice here. Portable batteries are also subject to an excise duty from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT). If you are registered as a manufacturer of portable batteries, you will therefore receive annual invoices from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT). You can read more about the excise duty here. Everyone subject to the extended producer responsibility in question must pay both the fee to DPA and the excise duty to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT), regardless of whether the company is registered as an individual producer or as a member of Elretur or another producer responsibility organisation.

Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of your Elretur membership?

Being a member of Elretur gives you a number of benefits. Did you know for example that we provide access to WEEE-Europe, which helps you if you sell your products in other EU countries, and that you can use your membership certificate and data on your recycling rates in your CSR reports and sustainability communication? See more benefits here: Being a member of Elretur gives you a number of benefits. We have listed some of them here

  • You can achieve an even stronger environmental profile : As a member of Elretur, your company will receive a certificate that shows that you live up to your producer responsibility and contribute to as much reuse and recycling as possible. You can use the certificate in all of your work. In tender material, your website or mail signatures. Of course, you also have access to collection, recycling and reuse rates for your company.
  • Access to WEEE-Europe : If you sell your products in other EU countries, WEEE-Europe can help you ensure that you comply with producer responsibility obligations throughout the EU. With WEEE-Europe, you only need two contact points instead of up to 27 – one for your local producer responsibility organisation and one at WEEE Europe. Contact us if you want to hear more
  • Get help with all the paperwork : Elretur handles all the producer responsibility information that you are obliged to submit to the authorities. You also have access to our reporting system, so you can easily send the information.
  • Get information and guidance on what the producer responsibility means for your specific company. At the same time, we make sure that you are always informed about changes to relevant rules. Elretur also acts as your voice to the authorities, so you can be heard even before they formulate new rules
  • You are automatically registered in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s producer register (Danish Producer Responsibility System/DPA-System)
  • Your company will automatically become part of our statutory battery campaign: Companies with producer responsibility for batteries must have public information campaigns. Elretur handles this task on our members’ behalf. You can read more about the campaign here
  • We handle your responsibility for your end-of-life electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries, so that you comply with environmental legislation: You are thereby helping to ensure that as much waste as possible is recycled and reused. With more than 800 members, we can optimise the management of electronic waste, ensure as many components as possible are recycled and reused, and establish the best agreements with our suppliers. We are a non-profit association, so you and our other members get all the benefits.
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