Reports – deadlines and tips

Ongoing reporting

As a member of Elretur’s WEEE sections, you must send a monthly report of how many kilos of the various categories of products you have sold. The report must be made no later than the 15th day of the following month. If the products in question are subject to an environmental contribution fee, you will subsequently receive an invoice. As a member of Elretur’s battery section, you must report once every quarter how many kilos of industrial and car batteries you have sold. The report must be filed no later than the 15th day of the month following the end of the quarter. A report about portable batteries must be sent once a year to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT). Your reports will be automatically transferred from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration to Elretur.

Annual reports 2023/2024

In addition to the ongoing reports, there are deadlines that must be met in relation to annual reports. Below you will find the deadlines for annual reports for 2023 (subject to change).

What? Where? Deadline
Final reporting of the annual quantities placed on the market Elretur’s reporting system 23 January 2024
Annual report of portable batteries placed on the market The Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT) 15 February 2024
Reporting declaration Dansk Producentansvar 31 March 2024
Auditor’s attestation (/management’s statement) Dansk Producentansvar 31 May 2024

*The deadline for members with a staggered financial year is no later than 5 months after the end of the financial year. Information about staggered financial years is reported to Dansk Producentansvar no later than 31 May.

Auditor’s attestation or management’s statement?

Your marketed volumes for a given calendar year must be digitally certified on the Dansk Producentansvar System no later than 31 May of the following year. As a general rule, all producers must attest the reported volumes through an Auditor’s statement. However, if your company meets the following criteria, it is sufficient to attest the volumes through a management’s statement:

  • Your annual turnover on scoped and reported products do not exceed DKK 1 million excl. VAT


  • In the last two calendar years, your business has not exceeded two of the following three criteria:
  • A balance sheet total of DKK 7 million.
  • A total net turnover of DKK 14 million.
  • No more than 10 full-time employees on average during the financial year.

How? To attest your volumes log in to the producer register, Dansk Producentansvar (DPA), with your NemID. After login, please choose “Statements” in the menu Questions will then guide you to the exact type of attestation that your company must complete.

Tips and tricks for reporting

To make the reporting process as easy as possible, we have put together a few tips and tricks:

  • When you report volumes placed on the market, remember to enter “0” in categories where you have not sold any products, otherwise, the system will register it as a missing report
  • Feel free to check regularly and/or no later than January that:
    • You are registered in the correct WEEE categories, i.e. the categories in which you sell products
    • The correct contacts are linked to your company in our system so that the right people receive the information about the reports
    • The right people have a login for Dansk Producentansvar
    • If anything needs to be changed, please contact us
  • If some of your sold quantities are re-exported to other countries, remember to report this in your annual report. This ensures, that you will not have to pay environmental contributions in more than one country.
  • If you collect any of your used products outside of Elretur’s services, you must remember to report this so that we can also include this collection in the registrations to the authorities.
  • Are you unsure as to whether your products should be categorised as marketed to businesses or households? It is not about who you sell to, but where they actually end up. An example is an electric toothbrush, which is likely to be sold to a wholesaler or a retailer in Denmark initially, and then end up on the bathroom shelf in a private home. The toothbrush is considered as marketed to households. As it can be difficult to distinguish between “households” and “businesses”, in December 2010, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency prepared a relevant guide that you can view here. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us.
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Your producer responsibility

Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work? You may be subject to the extended producer responsibility under the Danish Environmental Protection Act.

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