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The extended producer responsibility for packaging will enter into force in Denmark on January 1st, 2025. This will mean that producers get the responsibility for and must cover the cost of packaging once it reaches end of life. Elretur will therefore expand our producer organisation to also cover packaging. For more than 15 years Elretur has handled the producer responsibility for electronics and batteries on behalf of more than 950 members. We therefore have both the required experience and considerable opportunities for synergies in our efforts to help companies covered by the coming legislation.

Please contact us if you have questions or are interested in knowing more about how Elretur can help you get ready for when the packaging EPR enters into force.

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EU packaging directive in Denmark

Denmark is the last country in Europe to implement the EU packaging directive on EPR (extended producer responsibility).

The packaging directive will be implemented January 1st 2025. The overall legal framework is in place. The orders that will outline the set-up in practice are expected to be sent into consultation before the end of 2022.

Setup and costs – what we know so far

Financially the new Danish legislation will have a huge impact on producers the reason being that producers now need to compensate municipalities for collection at households as well as sorting. The producer responsibility on packaging is expected to amount to 2,35 billion Danish kroner in net costs in 2025 when the legislation takes effect, collection and sorting being the costliest parts of the extended producer responsibility.

According to the Danish Environmental Minister Mrs. Lea Wermelin 41,000 Danish companies will be affected, however, all depending on whether there will be a threshold, i.e., minimum limit (tonnage or Danish kroner) as we know from Holland and Belgium, we will know the exact number later this year.

It is important to note that the producer responsibility systems that should be operative not later than 1st January 2025 will be financed completely by the producers’ financial contributions and revenues from sales of recovered packaging materials. The system finances the organizational, including a number of administrative functions, as well as the operational functions in connection with collection, sorting, and sales.

The revenues from sales of recovered packaging materials depend on the market price. For certain types of packaging waste, for instance plastics, the disposal is more often an expenditure rather than an income.

Collection costs are to a high degree influenced by the level of service. In Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany the service level towards municipalities is laid down in agreements, thereby making the collection costs known.

In Denmark it is expected that legislators will copy the most well-functioning systems in other European countries (much attention is paid to the system in Belgium).


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Do you import or produce products that need batteries or electricity to work? You may be subject to the extended producer responsibility under the Danish Environmental Protection Act.

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