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Reusable knowledge

Reuse, recycling and environmentally responsible management of electronic waste and batteries is a major global challenge. Therefore, Elretur initiates and participates in studies and analyses within the field. We also collect and share knowledge about the reuse and recycling of electronics and batteries in order to inspire businesses and citizens to focus on the challenges and get even more out of the many end-of-life products that are thrown out every year.

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Elretur - Er du omfattet af producentansvaret?

What happens to used electronics and batteries at the recycling centre?

What exactly happens to used electronics and batteries when they arrive at the recycling centre? How much is recycled into new products or incinerated? Get the answers here:

The waste hierarchy and Elretur

The waste hierarchy ranks different types of waste processing according to what is best from an environmental perspective. Elretur strives to ensure that the processing of electronics and battery waste is as high up the waste hierarchy as possible. In particular, we focus on ensuring increased and improved reuse and recycling.

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More reusable knowledge

We are not the only ones who know a lot about electronic waste and spent batteries. That is why we have compiled a list of interesting reports and studies for you here.