Importers and manufacturers of electrical products are responsible for reusing, recycling or disposing of electronic waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Elretur handles that task. We are a non-profit member organisation that helps our members comply with the rules and ensures that as many electrical products as possible are reused or recycled. For the benefit of the climate and the environment.

We handle all electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries for our members 

Elretur is a private non-profit organisation whose purpose is to handle the producer responsibility for end-of-life electronics and batteries on behalf of our more than 950 members. Elretur’s members are manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment.

As a member of Elretur, you can get help with paperwork and legislation

If you are subject to the extended producer responsibility, you are responsible for ensuring that your used electronics and batteries are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. As a member of Elretur, you can get help with the paperwork, and we take responsibility for reusing and recycling your products.

Som medlem af Elretur får du hjælp til papirarbejdet og lovgivningen
Mere og bedre genanvendelse og genbrug

Increased and improved recycling and reuse

Elretur wants to contribute to increased and improved reuse and recycling. Sustainability is therefore an integral part of our work.


With Elretur, you get access to WEEE-Europe. If you sell your products in other EU countries and Norway, Switzerland and UK, WEEE-Europe can help you ensure that you comply with producer responsibility obligations throughout the EU. With WEEE-Europe, you only need two contact points instead of up to 30 – one for your local producer responsibility organisation and one at WEEE Europe.


Reusable knowledge

Elretur collects more than just electronic waste. We also collect and share relevant knowledge about the circular economy, recycling, reuse and resources.