Om Elretur

About Elretur

Elretur is Denmark’s largest producer responsibility organization, representing many different industries and types of companies. We handle the producer responsibility obligations for electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries on behalf of our more than 950 members. In other words, Elretur ensures responsible and cost-effective collection and treatment of approx. 80% of the electronics and battery waste that is delivered in Denmark’s recycling centres. You have probably seen our containers at your local recycling centre.

We are constantly working to improve the collection, recycling and reuse of electronic waste (WEEE) and batteries. In addition, we handle our members’ reports to the authorities, so that the authorities can follow developments within the area and have the right basis for making political decisions. Elretur was formed as an association in 2005 by manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic products. We are a non-profit organisation.

Elektronikaffaldts rejse fra genbrugsplads til nyt liv
Genanvendelig viden

Mission, vision and sustainability

Recycling and reuse is an integral part of our organisation and daily work. In collaboration with our members, we contribute to the UN’s Global Goals, in particular goals 11, 12 and 14.



You can see an overview of our more than 950 members in Dansk Producentasvars  register of producers (Data Centre for Circular Economy). To search for Elretur’s members, select Elretur as a producer organisation under search criteria.

Er du omfattet af producentansvaret på batterier? Find ud af det her og se hvad det betyder for din virksomhed, samt ikke mindst hvordan Elretur kan hjælpe dig med at løfte producentansvaret.


Elretur’s organisation consists of a board of directors, 8 sections – each with its own section management, and an administrative department that serves the board and the sections.