Reusing in cooperation with Elretur

Reusing in cooperation with Elretur

Genbruger i samarbejde med ElreturElretur has signed agreements with several repair companies who reuse products in cooperation with Elretur. The aim is to increase the reuse of electronic waste.

The best thing for the environment is to avoid waste altogether. The next best thing is direct reuse – when a product can be repaired or simply cleaned, thereby leaving the waste category and getting back into the market for others to enjoy.

To increase the proportion of electronics that are reused, Elretur has signed agreements with several local and national partners in the form of commercial repair providers who are reusing in cooperation with Elretur. The aim of these agreements is to increase the reuse of electronic waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment; ‘WEEE’ for short). The overall objective is thus to contribute to the circular economy and UN SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production) through preparation for reuse (PfR) of reusable electronic waste.

Repairers test, repair and refurbish used electronic products, extending their life and reducing electronic waste. In this way, Elretur and the repairers are contributing to the circular economy, which is about keeping materials and products in the economic cycle at the highest possible value for as long as possible. The repairers carry out repairs in accordance with applicable rules in the field and give consumers guarantees.

The circular economy opens up the possibility for resources such as a washing machine or a PC, which would otherwise have ended up as waste to re-enter the value chain and be used in production again. Or for the components of a mobile phone or washing machine, for example, to be used as inputs in a whole new circuit. For many years, our economy has been linear: We extract raw materials, make products, consume, and throw away. This means that an enormous amount of resources are lost. The circular economy ensures that we continue to have easier access to valuable resources.

A good consumer experience

Elretur wants to increase the reuse of electronic waste. Everything must be done in a financially and environmentally responsible way, so that we contribute positively to the environment and climate and so that the goods can be marketed on commercial terms. In addition, it is important to Elretur that consumers have a positive experience when buying used electronic equipment. Therefore, repairers who recycle in cooperation with Elretur must meet a number of requirements in order to recycle electronic waste. These include:

  • The repairer must be approved to handle electronic waste, which is removed from the waste stream.
  • The repairer is responsible for acquiring all approvals required to carry out their work.
  • The repairer must have the necessary technical skills to repair and test the electronic waste concerned.
  • The repairer must provide a minimum 6-month warranty and 2-year right of return.
  • Inspection and testing must be documented and carried out in accordance with, among other rules, the rules for exporting used electronics and testing their functionality.
  • The GDPR is described in Elretur’s data processor agreement, which must be signed by all partners upon entering into an agreement. Read more about data security here.
  • The repairer must ensure that the electronics sold can be traced back to the repairer or the company selling them to the end-user, and that it is clear that they are responsible for any returns and complaints. In particular, sales and marketing material must clearly indicate that the products have been prepared for reuse.
  • Data must be reported to Elretur, who is responsible to the authorities for collection and environmental processing.
  • The repairer is obligated to follow the Consumer Ombudsman’s guidelines that are in force at the time, as well as the legislation in force at any time, including the EU WEEE Directive (Producer responsibility).
  • The repairer is obliged to comply with Elretur’s Code of Conduct, incorporate it into its business processes and procedures, and communicate its contents to relevant employees.

Are you a repairer?

Are you a repairer of white goods and/or electronics? Do you want to make a positive contribution to the environment and climate by bringing used electronics back onto the market in a financially and environmentally responsible way? Then contact Elretur.

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