Elreturs yearly members meeting

Dear member 

Below you can read a short resume of the different subjects on Elreturs yearly members meeting on the 26th of April 2022. For some of the subjects the presentations are also available in English.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions about any of the subjects.

The future EPR on packaging

Morten Harboe-Jepsen, CEO Elretur

Communicating sustainability using BeCause

Morten Harboe-Jepsen, Elretur

  • Why Elretur has entered a partnership with BeCause on making sustainability efforts more visible

Jahanzeeb Ahmed, BeCause

  • Requirements on sustainability data from the market, stakeholders, and the legislation 
  • The need for increased digitization and cooperation to meet the requirements 
  • Ex: Cooperation with Elretur and Dandiags sustainability profile.

Bente Nordbjerg, Dandiag

  • How Dandiag works with sustainability and their work with a new sustainability strategy.

The BAT-development

Elretur on the battery campaign

  • The campaign universe is a great success
  • Going forward it will be fine-tuned and innovated to get the understanding that batteries should be collected converted into action.

Louise Drue Andersen, Stena Recycling

  • Recycling of household batteries
  • Challenges in connection with recycling incl. fires 
  • Good advice for designing recyclable products

Christian Nyborg, ACTEC A/S

  • Battery technologies – now and in the future
  • How to decrease the amount of waste from batteries

Anne Nielsen, the Ministry of Environment

  • How will the coming EU-law on batteries affect the members of Elretur 
  • A more circular approach to batteries in the coming EU legislation

Elretur and the Danish register for producers – collaboration and reporting

Susanne Dyrelund, Joan Dalgaard and Vicki Diebel from Elretur and Susan Christensen from the Danish register for producers

  • Reporting flow and deadlines
  • Free-riders – roles; What is the different roles of the DPA, the environmental agency and Elretur
  • Future WEEE and BAT-legislation
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